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Anxiety Symptoms - Anxiety & Panic

by: Joanne King

I place anxiety in two categories. Appropriate Anxiety and Inappropriate Anxiety. I will explain what I mean by this.

Appropriate Anxiety; is an in-built system from birth. This type of anxiety can save your life. Take for example; you’re being chased down the street by a bunch of thugs that want to hurt you. What would happen? Well hopefully your anxiety will kick in, your heart will begin to beat faster enabling you to run faster, your vision will sharpen, your sense of smell will be turned up a few notches and your hearing will become more sensitive. This enables you to escape as fast as you can.

Inappropriate Anxiety; this is where your anxiety gets confused and turns on in situations where it is not needed and can affect your daily living. For example; having to go to the shopping mall where there is minimal danger of you being hurt. Yet your heart begins to race, you feel short of breath, your senses are turned up and you feel the need to flee the situation.

Here are a list of symptoms you may experience:

+Abdominal discomfort
+Dry mouth
+Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
+Tightness or pain in chest
+Shortness of breath
+Frequent urination
+Difficulty swallowing/lump in throat
+Hot flushes or Chills
+Muscles tension/aches
+Visual Disturbances
Psychological symptoms:
+Irritability or anger
+Inability to concentrate / mind going blank
+Fear of madness
+Easily frightened
+Fear of dying
+Feeling on edge
+Lose of sex drive
It is important if you experience any of these symptoms that you visit your doctor for a correct diagnosis as some underlying illnesses can mask anxiety symptoms.

© Joanne King -

About the Author - Joanne King is a former sufferer of Anxiety & Panic Attacks. She is the author of "How to Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks". She has helped other sufferers Worldwide to eliminate their Anxiety & Panic attacks.

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