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Managing Anxiety - Anxiety & Panic

by: Joanne King

Is there really a way to manage your anxiety?

The answer is yes. I know of many little nick knacks that can lessen the severity and reduce the amount of attacks and decrease how often they happen.

But honestly do you really want to learn to "manage" your attacks? I've got to ask why anyone would want to learn to "manage" their anxiety when there is a way to eliminate them for GOOD!

Is it because some sufferers are afraid of such a change? I guess if you've been living with it for 20+ years you might fear change. Or maybe it's because you don't truly "believe" there really is a way to eliminate anxiety and panic disorder for good! And probably the most worrisome and debilitating thought you can get stuck with would be "mine is different to everyone else's, it won't go away".

For as long as you keep a mind set like those I just mentioned, I guarantee you that you will be stuck with living and trying to manage your anxiety.

But I can also guarantee you that if you make the change in your mind, start believing there really is a way out of this painstaking life limiting thing we call anxiety and panic disorder then it becomes possible.

Start by removing the question "How can I manage my anxiety" and start replacing it with this question instead "What can I do to eliminate my anxiety for good!?"

When people eliminate anxiety from their lives that is the question they are asking themselves! They believe "YES I AM GOING TO BREAK FREE OF THIS". They refuse to accept the fact that this is it for life. They actively try methods to eliminate it, not methods that just manage it.

© Joanne King -

About the Author - Joanne King is a former sufferer of Anxiety & Panic Attacks. She is the author of "How to Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks". She has helped other sufferers Worldwide to eliminate their Anxiety & Panic attacks.

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